MARVEL Authentic Thor Hard Case [AirPods Series 1 / 2]


Description :

-MARVEL Authenric Product, Cute and funny MARVEL cartoon design

-PC Hard Material : Do you often worry about the surface of your AirPods being scratched? This case can solve your problem. It is scratch-resistant.

-Compatible for AirPods Series 1 and Series 2 . This case is precisely cut and perfectly fits your AirPods. It is easy to open and close when used, and the charging port is reserved at the bottom. It can be recharged without removing the case. Very convenient to use.

-Compatible for AirPods Series 2 Wireless Charging, Put the Airpods charging with your New iPhone together

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MARVEL Authentic Thor Hard Case [AirPods Series 1 / 2]

Brand : UKA (MARVEL Authentic)

Type : TPU Hard Case

Compatible for :

  • AirPods Series 1
  • AirPods Series 2 (Support Wireless Charging With The Case)


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